Classroom Expectations

General Rules:

  1. Please seek permission before altering the classroom environment. This includes, but is not limited to, opening/closing windows, turning on/off fans, writing on/erasing the board, spraying anything scented, bringing in a treat to share, sitting in a seat other than your assigned seat, etc. Never remove or borrow items from the teacher's desk.
  2. Please use your desk in the manner that is intended. In other words, please keep your feet off the desks and chairs, refrain from sitting on the desktops, and always keep all four legs of a chair or desk on the floor at all times. Furthermore, it is expected that you will be in your seat when the bell rings and that you will stay in your seat until the teacher dismisses you. (For example, do not line up at the door before the bell rings.)
  3. It is inappropriate to work on something other than what you have been instructed to work on. Please participate in all class activities, including taking notes, working on an assignment, etc. Likewise, there is never an acceptable time for talking when the teacher is talking. To insure that no two people are talking at the same time, please raise your hand if you have something to say, and wait patiently to be called on. Your thoughts are important…let’s make sure that everyone has the opportunity to hear them!
  4. Be prepared to ask questions on “work days”. Time will not be provided for questions at the beginning of the next class.
  5. Take responsibility for yourself. Seek help, when needed. Get missing work when absent. Accept consequences for mistakes. Be respectful to yourself and those around you.
  6. In the event that the teacher leaves the room, students should remain in their seats and continue working on the assigned task.

Homework/Quiz/Test Rules:

  1. Students are expected to complete homework problems every night, regardless of whether or not the assignment will be graded. Students in advanced courses should expect to spend approximately 45 minutes to one hour each night working on homework. All other students are expected to spend at least 20 minutes a night working on assignments. Pre-Calculus and Calculus students need to be complete daily homework in a T-Note format, with corrections in the right hand column. Graded homework will be based on completion, accuracy of uncorrected problems, and correction of mistakes.
  2. Do expect some quizzes to come straight from the homework. It would be foolish to come to class unprepared.
  3. Students must take quizzes and tests in pencil. Anything other than pencil will result in loss of points. Students must show all their work on tests and quizzes. Credit is given for both work and answers, not just answers. In the event that a problem is done completely on a calculator, briefly explain how.
  4. Each day, when students enter the classroom, students should prepare for class to start. This includes taking out their homework from the previous day and preparing themselves to ask questions and to answer questions on the homework.
  5. Students are responsible for keeping track of their own grades. Students will be able to access their grades on Power School.
  6. Students missing class for school activities (field trip, etc.) must turn in assigned work prior to missing class. In the event that a test/quiz is missed, students who have not made arrangements prior to leaving for the field trip will be expected to take the test/quiz the day they return.


These rules must be followed on a daily basis. If the rules are broken, these are the consequences that will follow:

1st offense: verbal warning
2nd offense: 15 minute detention after school with parent notification
3rd offense: removal from class for the rest of the hour. This counts as an unexcused absence. Students who are unprepared for class, including not having completed assignments, will be given detentions.

To sum it all up…

Be respectful to your teacher, your classmates, and yourself.